Church of Scientology International Response to Politiken

Mariette Lindstein’s allegations are defamatory. Likewise, her claims are absurd for the fact that they make no sense. Of course they don’t. The real story is this:

The Dan Koon Lindstein refers to happens to be her partner. And the actual reason for Lindstein and Koon’s departure is the fact they were carrying on, secretly, for the better part of a year, an extramarital affair. Both Koon and Lindstein were members of the Scientology religious order which prohibits extramarital activity, not to mention extramarital affairs. Both knew they would be subject to expulsion from the religion should their clandestine affair be discovered.

To be clear, both Koon and Lindstein were married to different spouses at the time of their affair: Dan Koon to his wife Sue of 26 years; Mariette Lindstein to her husband (and father of her child) Billy of 24 years.

So as to evade expulsion from the Church, they concocted a plan to keep their affair a secret, leave Church staff separately, so that their secret affair would not be obvious to all, but instead remain concealed, hoping to remain members of the religion as Scientology parishioners in good standing. To effectuate this plan, the following occurred:

1) On December 21, 2003, Dan Koon told his wife Sue he was going out to buy her Christmas gifts. Whereupon, he walked out of their apartment, without another word, never to be seen again.

2) Mariette Lindstein separately, but some time after Koon’s departure, requested a transfer to a different Church facility to participate in a rehabilitation program. From that location, working with members of the religious order who had not worked with and knew nothing of Dan Koon, Mariette bided her time until Dan Koon had all but been forgotten about. At which point, in April 2004, she too departed and, once again, without another word to her then husband. As the Church later learned, Lindstein immediately rendezvoused with Koon.

Those are the facts. And, since your questions contain no mention of their immoral extramarital affair, let alone conduct a member of any religion would consider disgraceful and despicable (leaving your long-term spouse without so much as a goodbye) I am confident that Lindstein did not relate any part of this story to you – a story of non-fiction.